Nowadays the possibility of photographing birds and other fauna has become more accessible to everybody thanks to the incredible technological progress of digital photography over the last years. Either with DSLR or mirrorless cameras and their telephoto lenses, “Bridge” cameras of great magnification, or with digiscoping or phonescoping, photography of Birds and other fauna has turned into a more attainable hobby.

However, for all of those modalities, there is a qualitative leap in the results you can obtain when using camouflage equipment. From different types of hides or photo blinds to camouflage suits, nets or coats for our devices, all this to make us less noticeable to the animals we want to photograph so they let us come closer to them to take pictures without altering their natural behaviour.


Photography hides


Tragopan is our main brand of hides. All their models are fast and easy to set up and they have many useful details for the photographer that reveal that they have been designed by a professional photographer, Jonathan Martinez. The model MONAL, for two people, spacious and comfortable to spend the night in, and the HOKKI, to take photos at ground level, stand out. It is worth exploring the broad variety of accessories available for each model.

Buteo supplies us with two models, the classic hide-chair, so convenient to set up in front of a watering point, a perch, or the feeders in our garden and spend some time enjoying watching the activity of the birds, and their most popular model, with pre-assembled poles.

Wildlife Watching Supplies, from UK, it’s the only one that produces hides using water repellent cotton fabric, longer lasting and more silent if scratched or moved by the wind, with geodesic pole configuration.

escondite fotogrÁfico tragopan v6
340,00€ 299,00€
escondite fotogrÁfico monal v2
escondite fotogrÁfico grouse v+
escondite fotogrÁfico con silla simple buteo photo gear extreme one man chair hide m2
escondite fotogrÁfico buteo photo gear hide buteo mark ii


escondite fotogrÁfico \"dome hide\" standard


Camouflage nets and blankets, meshes, suits...


Sometimes the use of hides is not the best option, but there are other strategies that allow us to conceal ourselves from the sight of those we want to catch with our cameras that become feasible with the support of these other types of products. The camouflage suits and blankets deserve special attention, they take up little space, they are inexpensive and wearing them makes a difference when trying to approach animals in the field and getting the desired portrait instead of the picture of the back of the bird ready to take off.




Finally, there are our own photographic devices to cover up and we can achieve that with neoprene covers that are specific for each telephoto lens model, which we have available for 14 different models and made of various materials and shapes in order to fit a range of sizes in devices.

cobertor de neopreno para el objetivo sigma 150-600 f5-6.3 dg os hsm sport
cobertor de cÁmara y objetivo de una capa, impermeable, de camuflaje 58x17 cm




There is plenty of accessories that can be a great help to the fauna photographer and we offer this concise selection of those among them which stand out for their usefulness.