ORYX – The nature Lover's Shop was founded in 1996. Since the very beginning, Oryx was conceived with the aim of satisfying the needs of all nature enthusiasts and professionals, responding to the need of the founders of this initiative who are enthusiastic birdwatchers and wildlife observers.

Currently ORYX, is a store that offers one of the most extensive catalogs of natural history books together with a wide and careful selection of terrestrial and astronomical optics, a complete catalog of equipment for the naturalist and finally an attractive birdcare array of products. Our experience and expertise allow us to present a well-classified and well-defined offer, with broad and correct information, with the aim of satisfying thousands of customers both in our country and abroad.

Our combination of physical store open to the public in the city of Barcelona and website provides more confidence to those who come to us and allows us to offer a better service to both our face-to-face and virtual customers.

For more than 20 years the ORYX team has been characterized to be formed by enthusiastic people, with experience as naturalists and who shares with our clients the passion for wildlife observation and the commitment to its study and conservation.

Throughout these years we have become regular suppliers of the main Spanish scientific institutions (the Biological Station of Doñana, the Museum of Natural Sciences of Madrid and numerous centers of the CSIC, all the universities of Spain, the CREAF, etc.) , of the majority of the administrations related to the management of the natural environment of all the autonomous regions of Spain, of infinity of companies and professionals of the environmental sector and, above all, of the great majority of Spanish naturalists and of many other countries that have found in Oryx, information, advice and good service to meet their requirements.

Grup amb telescopi


In addition ORYX has given the impulse and forms essential part of the organization of the DELTA BIRDING FESTIVAL, a birdwatchers festival with lectures, a lot of activities and a great birdfair that each third weekend of September happens at Mon Natura Delta, among lagoons and wetlands of this extraordinary birdwatching destination.


Delta Birding Festival